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hi! today i’ll be reviewing the Angel Wing Sweatshirt from Seoulrhythm. i’ve also reviewed the Cat Sweater with Zipper Mouth as you can see here

(none of these pictures are edited)

im sure you guys have already seen this sweater somewhere online, it’s pretty known heuheu and i loooove it!!

seoulrhythm sells it in either grey or black, but i chose grey because i thought it looked cuter o u o

here’s a few pictures of the wings

closer version

the quality was pretty good, the material was really soft and i couldnt see any loose threads

sleeves don’t have any loose threads 8D

it also has nice little pockets on both sides, and it goes kinda deep(?) so when i put things in those pockets, it never falls out heuheu

extra details

this only comes in one size so make sure you check the measurements first^^

  • SHOULDER: 17” (44cm) 
  • BUST: 37” (96cm) 
  • SLEEVE: 22” (57cm) 
  • LENGTH: 24” (62cm)

Overall Rating: 10/10

this is such an adorable sweater tbh heuhe i wear it to school a lot and then people would just come up to me and touch my wings

even the teachers complimented it omg i really recommend buying this or just things with wings on it because its so cute and unique!!

thanks for reading my review!! and you can use pinktokki to get 20% off all items!!

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    belated, but thank you to Brenda for a great review! ^^
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