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sponsored by brave
today i’ll be reviewing the pink polka dot shorts from brave store!!
this is my second item im reviewing from brave, my first was this floral headband
these shorts come in 4 different colours, pink, white, black and green

this sent out to me a few days after august 16th (she didnt give me a tracking number but thats when she told me she would send it out soon) and arrived on august 29th which is around 13 days~
the material was thinner than i expected, and if youre moving around a lot during the day i suggest you wear a pair of shorts under so that no one can see your woman parts LOL
it comes with this cute belt

and these shorts have two layers

Overall Rating: 9.9/10

these shorts are extremely cute and i love them omg
i was just expecting the fabric to be a little thicker which is why i took that 0.1 off LOL

thank you brave and you can use pinktokki to get 10% off your purchase!