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today i’ll be reviewing the pink 7 holed platform sneakers from maxstar~

maxstar is known for their quality platform sneakers that resemble the cute design from converse heuheu their shipping is freakishly fast and their designs are insanely cute, for a reasonable price as well!!!

as you can see, their platform sneakers are made in korea

i got these shoes shipped out on monday august 26th, and received them the day after, on the 27th which is amazingly fast considering how i live in canada 

package was lighter than i thought

after i unwrapped the package, there was a shoe box with their logo on it , it was a little bit dented on the corner but thats alright because the things inside werent damaged

in the box there was a cute little reusable bag with drawstrings, and an extra pair of laces!!

closeup on the shoe laces

the shoes were in the cute maxstar bag, wrapped in another plastic wrap thing LOL

the laces it came with are tucked in the shoe so you do have to lace them up yourself

i took a close up on the shoelaces when i laced them up

and here’s the maxstar label which looks pretty similar to the converse one

since im 165cm / 5’4 and already pretty tall within my group of friends, i didnt want to get shoes that made me too tall and these ones probably raise my height around 1-2cm heuheu

there’s also another pair of sneakers maxstar has that looks almost exactly the same except it raises your height a lot more here

here’s the information for my pair

  • Pink Color
  • Canvas Material
  • 3.5cm Platform
  • 8.3cm Width
  • 16cm Total Height
a few more close ups on the details of the sneakers~

the tip of the shoe

and finally the zipper

Overall Rating: 10/10

i love everything about these shoes omg!! i would recommend that you go a half size bigger than what you normally wear because they do fit a little snug

they’re way lighter than i expected since they have that platform on the bottom, but thats a good thing because you wont be tripping all over the place when you walk LOL

i highly recommend buying a pair of shoes from maxstar, and shipping is extremely fast so you could get a fresh hair of sneakers before school starts!!!

here’s another picture of me wearing it

if you’re worried about the price, you can use my coupon code pinktokki to get 10% off your purchase~

thanks maxstar and thank you guys for reading my review!!

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