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guys! i think this month’s 4 person circle lens giveaway will be the last monthly giveaway bc reasons

but this opens up chances for longer-lasting giveaways with diff (probably better) prizes

so yeah just a heads up!

September 17 14 // 8 notes
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Anonymous whispered : ok lo l hi clicked that "when reading my reviews" reviews link on the left side over there thEN it said url not found?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? unebelivevable .,.,.,,. idk if u wanna fix that or not but im just pointing that out *___* !!!!!!!

oh shoot thanks for telling me!! i added an extra “s” since i tag my reviews as “review” and not “reviews” otl i fixed it thank you!

September 17 14 // 2 notes


sheinside is having a sale on dresses!! the deals are $3 off for over $30, $6 for over $50 and $12 off for over $80!!

dresses in the picture: left | right

in addition, they’re also offering a discount code: discount25 for customers to get 25% off for all items

**i tested stacking the codes up with the dress promotion and it took off ~$30**

the discount code ends on sept/17 and the dress offer ends on sept/19 so be sure to take advantage of this deal!!


「 I want to disappear, more than to forget 」



「 I want to disappear, more than to forget 」