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Rick Owens x Adidas SS15

tagged:  #yunho
Anonymous whispered : I don't think they mean "dance on my face" like that hahahahaha

I know lmaooooooo I thought my reply was obvious that I wasn’t being serious

October 19 14 // 2 notes
Anonymous whispered : Hi brenda! ^^ I have a question for you, sweetie~ I'm going to buy my first pair of lenses soon, and I don't know what the water % of the lense means, could you help me please? ^^

im not too sure either but the higher percentage it is, the less drying it is

however larger lenses will always have a higher water content so you can’t always tell

October 19 14 // 2 notes
Anonymous whispered : Where did you get those sweats in the *switches foot gif*?:p They are so cool! :O

i got them from chachimommas!!!

can’t remember the site but just search up chachimomma and it should come up

October 19 14 // 5 notes
Anonymous whispered : Ok, so....dance on my face please


October 19 14 // 2 notes